our Policies

We follow all policies from The George Washington University, our National Headquarters, The District of Collumbia, and The Federal Government. Where policies conflict we follow the more stringent set. Links to these can be found below as well in the archives on this site.

A Mandatory Resolution Regarding DiscriminationBe it Resolved that membership selection on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability has no place within Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, therefore, condemns all discrimination and will actively seek to prevent it in all of its Chapters/Colonies.
Information pertaining to Harm Reduction Policies can be foundHere
FIPG Risk Management PolicyLambda Chi Alpha is a member organization of FIPG, Fraternal Information and Programming Group, along with nearly 50 other national and international fraternity and sorority organizations. As a member organization, Lambda Chi Alpha has adopted the FIPG Risk management Policies that were established early on in the history of FIPG.