Spring Rush 2017 Calendar

Rush Chair Contact Information
For question regarding rush please contact delta.lambdachideltaxi@gmail.com
or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LCAGWU.

01.31.2017 Wise Guy Pizza Join the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha for Wise Guy Pizza at our townhouse, located at 605 21st St NW from 7-10pm.

02.02.2017 Wingos Come join us for Wingos in the Lambda Chi townhouse, 605 21st St NW from 7-10pm.

02.06.2017 Chik-fil-A
Enjoy Chick-fil-A with the brothers in the Lambda Chi townhouse from 7-10pm.

02.09.2017 First Closed Invitation Event

The Great Passage

IT HAS BEGUN. By the simple act of showing interest in Lambda Chi Alpha, you initiated the journey that will evolve you throughout your collegiate experience. The first stage of this ultimate quest has been set in motion and if it were possible to give you even a glimpse of what is in store, intrigue would all but consume you. Consider this call to adventure - an invitation to join a select group of people that have been chosen to take The Great Passage of Lambda Chi Alpha. This walk, above anything you will experience elsewhere, starts now and never ends. The only question is, are you ready?

Do you have what it takes to open the door that leads to where power and passion lie?

Most of us are relatively carefree as college students. However, a prodigal young man by the name of Warren Albert Cole had a very different vision around your age. In 1909, Cole started the first Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at Boston University. Our quest for success began with his perseverance, drive, and brilliant insight. Following the ideals of Cole, Lambda Chi has grown into one of the largest men's general fraternities in North America with more than 243,000 initiated members and more than 300 chapters over the years.

The tradition of Lambda Chi Alpha continues thanks to the dedication and camaraderie of our members. The torch could soon be passed to you to carry us into the future. Should you be chosen to enter our brotherhood, do you have what it takes to keep our fire burning?

At this pivotal point in time, you are undoubtedly searching for answers to many of life's questions and wondering what obstacles may lay ahead. This period of rapid transition from home to college is full of uncertainties and a lot of decisions will soon need to be made. It can be pretty disorienting -- but it doesn't have to be. You don't have to traverse this path alone. You could join a fraternity.

Of course, it would be almost unnatural if one were not at least a little uncertain and insecure about joining a fraternity. Most guys are under the impression that being in a fraternity is a rewarding experience in the end, but also there is a long and rigorous process they must go through to "get in." Influences like "frat movies" and TV shows, urban myths, and fabricated horror stories from older Greek members skew the perception of fraternities and force prospective members to expect possible hardships. Embarking on The Great Passage with Lambda Chi Alpha is an exception to this common myth. Lambda Chi Alpha was the first general fraternity to eliminate pledging and replace it with associate membership. This means that all members, including associate members, are equal in status. Unlike some pledges in a pledge program, an associate member of Lambda Chi Alpha can attend and participate in all meetings and events, have a say in all chapter decisions, vote at meetings, and can even be elected an officer. This equal membership status eliminates the separation between members that often leads to hazing.

Along with the opportunity to join one of the best fraternities, you can take comfort in knowing that you will also experience this supreme adventure with a guide, a mentor -- a "Big Brother." Your Big Brother is someone who is constantly available to you to supply straight answers about any issue and lend a helping hand whenever possible. The bond of friendship you will develop with this person will be priceless. With a Big Brother, you are able to talk with someone who knows that Lambda Chi offers real friendships.

Stop and think about the benefits you will be able to enjoy:

~ A group of close friends--brothers--that are there for you to help you through social or academic problems you might have.
~ A means of gaining leadership experience, as well as being able to enter into intramural sports and Greek events.
~ A place to eat and hang out besides your dorm or apartment.
~ A sense of belonging achieved by simply being yourself.

One might wonder what else sets Lambda Chi Alpha apart from other fraternities. The answer is quite a bit. The depth, power, and mysticism of Lambda Chi's ceremonies and lessons are truly enthralling -- take a look at our Coat of Arms. When compared to those of other fraternal organizations it is evident that Lambda Chi offers something superior. Each and every one of these symbols carries with it a powerful meaning that you will have the privilege of discovering should you become a brother. Although Lambda Chi is based on Christian ideals, it is open to all walks of life and religious backgrounds. In fact, Lambda Chi has been noted for its vast diversity from chapter to chapter.

Once you become an associate member, you are instantly linked with a quarter million other men who share similar values. The benefits of this connection are boundless. Whether it may lead to career opportunities or to a friendship that wouldn't have been possible otherwise, being able to relate to that many people on an entirely different level is incredible.

Leadership and Scholarship

How can joining Lambda Chi Alpha help you financially and strengthen your leadership skills? Lambda Chi Alpha, with the mission to enhance your leadership skills and knowledge, provides more than $500,000 each year for scholarships and state-of-the-art leadership programs

Lambda Chi Alpha created the Mentor Leadership Program to assist graduating members in crossing the bridge from academia to the workforce. The program pairs an alumnus who has been in the workforce for six years or more with graduates in related fields.

The Impact Leadership Program is highly interactive in teaching values-based leadership training. Realizing your full potential and learning how to create and expand from that self-awareness are two important skills that you'll master in this exciting program.

Community Service and Philanthropy

The North American Food Drive is one of the largest single-day collegiate sponsored philanthropies - having collected more than 16 million pounds of food to fight food insecurity since 1993. This is your chance to be a part of something fulfilling and unique. The leadership skills that Lambda Chi further develops in each members have resulted in strong leaders and a commitment to community service. Also, our chapter is involved with the DC Area Food Bank and donate both time and resources to our common cause.